Do retirees need life insurance?

Do retirees need life insurance?

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I’m single.  Should I buy life insurance?

I’m single. Should I buy life insurance?

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Finding a Good Life Insurance Agent

Finding a Good Life Insurance Agent

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We make it easier to get life insurance


Use our educational tools and resources, or call one of experienced agents, to help you determine how much insurance and which type of insurance best fits your unique needs and circumstances.


We will prepare, at absolutely no cost to you, a customized, side-by-side analysis and quote from multiple carriers, or feel free to use our online instant quoting tools to shop for the best rates and carriers.


Once you have selected your insurance company, submit an application for approval.  Then complete a simple medical exam and phone interview for the underwriting process.


Receive approval, pay your first month’s premium and set-up auto payments so that your premiums will always be paid on time.  Then relax knowing that your family will be secure in the event of a tragedy.


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If you have loved ones (any age) who depend on you, then you may want to consider buying life insurance. Our website provides easy-to-understand information and resources to help select the very best type of policy that fits your unique needs.

Rates are based on many various factors, such as age, health, lifestyle and more, and they can vary among carriers for the exact same policy. Shopping with an unbiased agent, like DG Benefits, is absolutely the best way to get the best rates.

Our experienced agents are here to provide truthful, accurate and urgent responses, helping clients every step of the way in the life insurance process.

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People turn to DG Benefits for easy to understand, realistic information about life insurance.

Don’t get us wrong, we love providing our customers with quick quotes. However we designed our website from the fresh perspective that people need realistic information regarding life insurance, and not just quick life insurance quotes that you can get online, just about anywhere.

DG Benefits is a fully licensed, highly credentialed life insurance brokerage firm.  We sell life insurance for, and are directly compensated by, many insurers, and not just one single carrier. That means we offer free, unbiased expert advice.  Our founding consultants have been in the life insurance industry for decades and pride themselves on helping clients to become informed consumers of their own life insurance.

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What customers think of us

Sample only.  As a single mom, I was able to get a $500,000 term life insurance policy for only $34 per month.  Now if something should ever happen, my daughter will have enough to cover her education and much more.

Teresa WardLos Angeles

Sample only.  I never really understood the difference between term and permanent life insurance until I visited the DG Benefits website.  I realized that I'd be much better off with a whole life policy and applied immediately.

Robert HoffmanSacramento

Sample only.  To travel out of the country, I needed a life insurance policy fast, without going through all the regular hoops.  DG Benefits was able to help me get a policy without the required medical exam, which was approved in only two days!

Arthur GarretSan Diego

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