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Term Life, selecting a 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year term.

Before you buy…

We always recommend that you first determine your needs to make sure you and your loved ones are adequately covered, as well as to insure you are not paying larger premiums for coverage that exceeds your needs.   There are some pretty complicated formulas floating around that involve calculating debt and expenses.  However, we have made it easy for you to determine your life insurance needs by using our resource tools below.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator            Life Insurance Needs Worksheet

As a guide…

Longer terms are good from those young families who have children or are planning a family, as it will provide income to your spouse and dependents, and help pay for your children’s college should you pass away during the stated term.

Shorter terms are less expensive than a longer term policy and will provide income or proceeds to the named beneficiary should you pass during the stated term.  Depending on the term, the money could be used as income for your spouse and dependents, or for your obligations, debts and final expenses.  However, with a shorter term, you should always make sure that your needs won’t exceed the stated term.

A senior may also want to take out a shorter term life policy to help pay for debts and expenses, or to simply leave a gift or an inheritance to heirs.


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